Friday, September 28, 2012

My Hoop Dance Love Affair

The video above, that's the video I came across skipping around YouTube one evening on my phone watching Bonnaroo performances.

It floored me.

I was entranced by...

Her joy.

Her fluidity.

Her freedom.

I watched it two more times after that & then decided to search YouTube for more.

2 hours & 30 or so hoop videos later, I was hooked.

I bought my first hoop the same night - that was about a month ago.

I've been hooping almost every day since.

In my dining & living room, in my backyard, at my brother's & mama's... everywhere.

I've connected with some beautiful & encouraging souls in the blogosphere that have been hooping for years along with group of gals that blow my mind with their awesomeness.

I'm moving more.

I'm learning to love this post-baby body even more.

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone & hooping in my backyard, surrounded by neighbors on all sides. I would never go out there alone & just dance by myself. Ever. Maybe with friends, but never alone.

Being inside the circle though, it makes me feel safe, loved. It's like it takes all my inhibitions & spins them dizzy.

It is a form of meditation for me.

It brings me peace. Happiness.

It is revolutionizing the way I feel in my skin.

I feel more alive.

I feel more like myself, more so than I have in years.

It's a gift.

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  1. Love this video! And I love hooping. Wished you lived close we could have a hoop meet! Yay for you with your new hoop. xoxo

  2. i love hooping too. i had a neck injury, which put to a halt years and years of dancing. but hooping still gives me that freedom of movement and creativity. glad you're doing it. :)